One down, eleven to go…

I’m happy to say that I completed Exeter’s prestigious, Christmas-belly-wobbling, FirstChance10K on Sunday. I dragged myself around in 48:11, which I’m fairly pleased with, given the time of year, my relative lack of training – especially when compared to the lithe, limber and lycra-clad team runners who made up a good portion of the 503 entrants! Overall, a really well organised event, and a great way to start what will hopefully be a good year.

As you can see from the ‘after’ shot above, not only am I looking supremely tired (and I didn’t even go out once over Christmas!), but I’m also wearing a fairly doggy old t-shirt. This is soon to be replaced by a rather more swish one, complete with my very own ‘one thousand small steps’ logo as designed by my good friend Abi Hulatt, textile designer and (alleged) trainee pastry chef.

Finally, thanks go to my sister, Kate, and my new nephew, Ollie (3 months and counting –  setting his very own ‘personal bests’ every day, and thoroughly enjoying the only time in his life that he will actively encouraged to scoff his face, sleep and then scoff his face again), for coming along to support me and snapping this delightful mugshot.

Anyway, remember to find out a bit more about my chosen charities, Mind and Samaritans, monitor my progress, and maybe even donate!

Feel better outside, feel better inside!

P.S. For ‘Sprint Finish Action Shot Complete With ‘I’m Really Pushing Myself’ Facial Expression’, please follow this link.

P.P.S. And this link.

P.P.P.S. Oh, and this one too.

P.P.P.P.S. I beat him.

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One Response to One down, eleven to go…

  1. Matt says:

    A new t-shirt will be a good start but if you want to be taken seriously as a runner you also need to at least halve the length of your shorts, if not more…

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