First donation!

The lucky winners of the first donation prize are……GAIL AND SIMON POVEY FROM BRIDGEND, SOUTH WALES! Come on down, let’s have a look at what you’ve won: Details TBC.

In all seriousness, thank you very much Gail and Simon, for kicking things off, in my quest to raise £1000 for running 1000 miles. It is much appreciated!

The fact that both my first sponsors and my t-shirt-designer-in-chief, Abi Hulatt, both hail from Bridgend is rather poignant. The town was caught up in a media storm in 2008 as 24 young people are thought to have committed suicide in less than 12 months. They were nearly all between 13 and 17 years of age. In this instance, it seems that media presence and coverage did more harm than good, causing many to suggest the town had been ‘demonised’ in the press. The exact details of the situation remain unclear, but what is certain is that the loss of so many young people in such tragic circumstances is something that must be addressed. Not just in Bridgend, or even just the UK, but across the world.

This can only be done by increasing people’s awareness of mental health issues and suicide – two things tackled by my two chosen charities Mind and Samaritans. So why not follow in Gail and Simon’s wise and sensible footsteps, learn a bit more about both organisation and maybe even donate if you can.

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