And we’re back…

So keeping a regular blog is proving rather more of a challenge than I had thought, especially given that I usually have a lot to say about everything to anyone who’ll listen. Ach well.

In between manically trying to finish my PhD, getting a new job, and moving an entire house load of crap (well mostly crap, with some nice things thrown in for good measure, like my girlfriend! ahhhhhh) I have been doing some running too… promise!

Admittedly, at 209 miles so far this year, I’m slightly behind schuedule. By 29 miles to be precise. But that’s only (only?!) a marathon and a run to work and back so over the course of the next few months I’m sure I can make it back up in no time.

I have also run two races.

The first was the Exeter Half Marathon, in which I managed a new personal best of 1:43:12, smashing my previous time into the stratosphere by 2:05. Okay I exaggerate, but it’s nice to get faster.

Similarly, the Age UK 10k series held a race in Exeter, which I ran on Sunday. Can’t say I enjoyed this very much, but still managed to improve on my previous 10k time by 4:01, coming in at 44:11. My legs felt heavy from the start and I lay the blame for that solely at the door of my colleague and life-coach, Matt Amesbury. He made me run rather faster than I would have liked for a large portion of our last pre-race run. I think it was because I was talking too much, the crafty tyke.

I intend on putting up some photos very soon, and writing some more blogs about why I’m doing this – to promote better mental health and prevent suicide.

I picked up a leaflet on the way to work today from a charity called SANE. It’s the 25th anniversary of the ‘Black Dog Campaign’ to promote better awareness of mental health issues. It is a shame that I can’t support all these charities, but in the end you have to choose and here’s a bit more about my choices.

Also, of course, here’s a link to my donations page, should you wish, although I’m sure you might need a bit more convincing that I’m actually doing this!

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