Race catch up #1

Here starts the catch up process. Owing to excuse 1, 2 and 3b (work, job & laziness; 3a is tiredness), blogging of my progress has been sporadic to say the least. So here’s a series of posts documenting the races that I have mentioned (or not mentioned) only briefly, thus far.

February 12th – Exeter half-marathon

The first half-marathon of the year. I’ve only every done one half-marathon before in 2008 (I think), the Great West Run, also in Exeter. I managed a time of 1:45:17 for that and so, whilst I was hoping to beat that time, the reality was that I am probably carrying a bit more and going a bit slower than my 23 year old self. It’s amazing the crap you’ll eat and drink whilst doing a PhD.

The race went surprisingly smoothly, which was probably aided by the flat nature of the course as much as anything, although my jelly beans may also have helped (“not just jelly beans, M&S jelly beans…”). I finished with a time of 1:43:20, just shy of 2 minutes faster than my previous time (can you call it a PB if you’ve only done it once?!).

Here are some photos for posterity (nb. although it appears I am not taking it seriously, this is merely the effect of a delerium brought on by the packet of jelly beans I am holding – although Coach Amesbury would like to suggest I “wasn’t running anywhere near hard enough” *cue nightly final-mile flashbacks “LEAVE NOTHING ON THE TRACK!!!” being screamed at me from some b@stard on a pushbike*).

The more serious ‘nearing the finishing line’ expression:

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