Race catch up #2

And so we move on through the year to…

March 25th – Wrap up and run 10k

Another 10k, another jog around Exeter’s quay.

This race was organised by Age UK, which formed in 2009 as Age Concern and Help the Aged combined. They campaign for respect, kindness and help for older people, and are a very good charity.

I’m having trouble remembering how the race went, but I know I got a t-shirt. Overall, it was a lot more comfortable than the previous 10k, but then that’s to be expected with another couple of months training under my belt. My finish time was 44:21, which was under the target time set by Coach Amesbury. I finished 69th out of 562, so I was quite pleased with that too.

Firstly, a photo of myself and Coach Amesbury (who ran much faster than me) before the proceedings and after the choreographed aerobics-style warm up, held at Bedford Square.  Needless to say, we didn’t participate.

Just to cap off, here’s a photo of me after the race with my nephew, who is checking out my funky new t-shirt, which one day I will pass down to him (the balloons weren’t for me).

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