Race catchup #3

April 15th – Richmond Park 10k

I can safely say this is probably the only race this year during which I will have to stop briefly to allow a herd of fallow deer to cross the track.

My first race since moving from the southwest to the southeast, and it was a good one. My previous 3 races have all been on derivations of the same track, and so I was grateful for the change. Especially given what a nice (but cold!) morning we were given. I’ve already blogged a picture of the race venue, Richmond Park, west London.

Given a target time of 44 minutes by Coach Amesbury, I set out with some trepidation at what was reported as a moderately hilly multi-terrain course (in truth it was pretty flat, save for a short hill or two, and the paths were fine). The smallest race I’ve run this year, but I enjoyed it a lot. I pulled in in a time of 43:41, setting a new PB, and finishing 24 out of 197 (only marginally higher up the relative rankings than the last race, given the small number of runners, but 24th sounds good anyway!).

Also the first race that my Mum and Dad came to, so thanks to them for that, and apologies for them having to stand around in the cold for 45 minutes. Hopefully the next race they attend will have somewhere to sit and have a cuppa!

Here’s some pictures, including one of me doing the standard pose when you have a medal (nb. first medal of the year!). If you have an inanimate object in front of you, you plank on it; if you have a medal, you bite it (preferably with eccentric hair). Simple.


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