“Born to Run”

I was probably the last ‘runner’ to read Christopher McDougall’s book, but it has completely changed my outlook on the whole thing.

In the interests of brevity (and trying not to rant) you’ll have to read the book yourself, and then you’ll know what I mean.

In short, this book taught me that running really isn’t about your time, it’s about finishing. It’s not about your £100 running shoes, it’s about running as God/Allah/Darwin/Vishnu/Jah/Marx/Gianfranco Zola (delete deity as appropriate) intended. It’s not about the questionable moral code of the race sponsors, it’s about running with a smile on your face.

Inevitably, the first thing people ask me after a race will still be “What was your time?”, and I don’t mind that, but I’d prefer it if it was “Was it fun?”

“Remember in the end, nobody wins, unless everybody wins” – Bruce Springsteen


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