Race catch up #4

May 6th – Frimley Park 10k

Another race, another late post! May’s race was the Frimley Park 10k in… yes, you guessed it, Frimley! (Is Frimley part of Camberley? I’d suggest it was, but I’m sure there are many who’d disagree. I’d have dual citizenship anyway, being born in Frimley and raised in Camberley.)

This is a route that in one form or another I have run quite a few times in training. A few hills, but not too bad. Probably the only race in which I’ll get to run past my own house!

Slightly slower than the Richmond race at 44:16, which I’m excusing on account of the hills (and the fry up I had just before the race)! 94th out of 747 runners.

For some reason I was looking rather peeved at the race start, so apologies to Abi who came down to see me off and welcome me back at the start/finish line. Mum and Dad also made it outside the house to cheer me on, but neglected to hand out any sort of mid-race treat and so only get minimal acknowledgement.



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